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Network Firewall

According to an industry study, at least 90 percent of large enterprises and 50 percent of small companies in the United States now monitor and filter their employees interned access.
Restriction: Pass, Block, and webmail, shopping, and pornography Add your own URLs and file types to block, log, or pass No proxy settings required in internet  explorer Catching ensures fast web browsing set time and user based policies (e.g. allow shopping during lunch and outside business hours) Reporting and event  logs help monitor web browsing behavior.
Suitable for: Educational Institutes, Corporate, Offices, Cyber cafe.

  • Firewall Block inappropriate content 
  • Control Productivity
  • Preserve Network Bandwidth

A software program or hardware appliance which monitors traffic between two or more network, filtering out unauthorized traffic.
Usually installed between a company's network and the internet to prevent unauthorized access to the network and to restrict employee access to inappropriate content on the internet.
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network Allows a private network to operate across a public network by encrypting data between two endpoints Mainly used for connecting multiple LANs and clients across the internet.
UTM - Unified Threat Management A class of firewalls which include additional services such as : anti-virus, anti-spam, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), content filtering.
DMZ - Demilitarized Zone
A DMZ is a computer or network of computers that can be accessed from the internal and external networks, but cannot initiate connections to the intranet - no security, used for public servers and proxy servers


You'll get daily, weekly and monthly reports about the activity in your network allows all hosts to share internet access, and also provides DHCP and DNS services.